VIDEO: 15-year old Pinay was hailed as the winner of X Factor Australia 2014

screenshot photo from youtube

Another pride of the Filipinos was hailed as the grand winner of the prestigious competition X factor Australia.

The 15-year-old Pinay dominated the stage as she performed for the grand finals of The X factor Australia 2014.

The girl was named Marlisa Punzalan and she had been trending all over the social media network for her outstanding performances on the singing competition.

She competed against Brothers 3 and Dean Ray for the finals. Marlisa performed 3 different songs for the finals of the competition.

The first song was the piece that lead her to the competition. It was the song “Yesterday” of the popular band The Beatles.

Ronan Keating foremer member of the Boyzone, her mentor, said that he wanted to take her back to the days when she was still wearing that funky loud trousers. The moment when she was just starting yet she already got the hearts of the judges.

The next song that she performed was a hit song which she sang during the boot camp. In this song entitled, “Never be the Same” she performed a duet with RnB singer, Jessica Mauboy.

Jessica said that she was reminded by the presence of Marlisa on the stage because she was also an aspiring singer before with the same age of Marlisa.

And last but not the least was the ‘winner’s single’ performance by the 15-year-old outstanding singer which gathered a standing ovation from the judges of the show.

The song was entitled ‘Stand by You’ her mentor, Ronan Keating, helped her as she was recording her first ever single.

The winner’s single is going to be the debut single of Marlisa as well the the song that she performs when she was proclaimed as the grand winner of the X Factor Australia 2014.

Marlisa had been consistent with her performances throughout the competition. And her voice is really one in a million.

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